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Expenses Tracking and Management

This work has been redacted due to a Non-Disclosure Agreement. 

Task Brief

Redesign the flow for an expenses app

Process Followed
Double Diamond Framework – Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver


What problems are users facing?
Competitive Analysis
As suggested, initially a detailed run-through analysis of existing solutions was done
Walnut – Data Eccentric but vaguely concatenated
Pros –
  • Automated transaction sync from SMS data.
  • Daily summary notifications
  • Compiled Statement Reports
  • Graph based statistics
Pros –
  • Clean and neat UI
  • Can set recurring expenses and dues
  • Statistics based on categories
  • Excel import and export reports
Pros –
  • Statistics based on categories
  • Active reminders and notifications
  • Goal and budget based approach
  • Detailed Reports

User Analysis

Few assumptions were made on the target audience to identify active users –

  • Young Professional with income sources – active or passive
  • Needs to track money spending habits
  • Average tech user with average attention span
  • Wants to work on money management and savings
Pain points and problems identified –
  • Where is my money going?
  • How to decrease outflow?
  • How to prioritise saving for wants or impulsive buys?


What problems to fix?

How Might We … ?
  • Keep a simple track
  • Get reminded for dues, spends, and records sync
  • Spend less, save more, or invest
  • Wants to work on money management and savings
  • Provide security and confidentiality
User Performed Tasks
  • Able to create and update transaction records
  • Set budgets, dues, and goals
  • Calculate or visualise expenses
  • Understand reports and changes
  • Maintain trust and accountability


Does this fix the problem?
Information Architecture
Proposed Solution